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Ajay is a dance artist and educator with 10+ years of experience as a dancer, choreographer and teacher. He leads residencies in English as well as French allowing students to learn and explore dance styles in a bilingual or fully francophone environment. He has trained in various styles such as: Hip Hop, Ndombolo, Afro-House and creative movement. He has gained this knowledge from world renowned teachers in New York, Mexico, France, Las Vegas, Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary.

His recent credits: receiving 1st Place at World Of Dance Las Vegas 2019, 1st Place Monsters Santa Clara 2019, Radix Oregon 2018 Top Scoring Jr Hip Hop Choreographer and 1st Place AE Vancouver 2018. Aside from competitive choreography Ajay dedicates his time teaching in-school Hip Hop residency programs to schools Across Canada. He does so with the sole purpose of spreading the infectious Culture of Hip Hop dance which teaches the youth the importance of respect, self love and appreciation for our differences.

“To me It’s really about being able to connect and communicate with others through music. Whether it be by performing,competing or teaching I push to constantly involve myself as well train to expand my physical and mental knowledge on the Dance Art form. I do so with any authentic source I am able to reach to then give back to those who are unable to access it. As much as challenging myself this way fuels my passion, the opportunity to positively impact the individual through my Art keeps me just as charged. My goal in this journey is to diminish lack of confidence and doubt within the Youth. Especially when it comes to becoming the innovators & curators of whichever passion they hold to heart for the generations to come.”