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“I love movement,” says Asha Marshall, Dancer, Instructor, Choreographer and Owner of a dance inspired clothing line. “Dance is my life. I’m the happiest when I’m in class or performing.” Since Asha has been able to hear music, she has been moving and interpreting it wherever she could find a spot to do so. From the young age of 3, she has been dancing in classes, studying in the areas of gymnastics, jazz, ballet, and lyrical until she found her true love of hip hop and street dance styles. Asha also practices and teaches yoga to round out her movement profile.

Asha has participated and placed in many competitions throughout Alberta and continues to train in various styles of dance by attending classes weekly and by participating in any workshop or convention she can get her hands on. She has completed all of her workshops successfully, winning awards and scholarships from world class choreographers who recognize her love of dance and performance. As a member of Fly Girlz Dance Crew, 2010 World Hip Hop Championship bronze medalists, Asha trained vigorously with many respected choreographers and hip hop icons. Asha spreads her loves of hip hop, street dance and art, across borders and is determined to inspire the artists of today. “I want everyone to believe that they can achieve whatever they want to achieve, as long as they’re willing and committed to believing in their dream and in doing what it takes to achieve it.” Altogether, expressing herself through movement is what has opened doors for Asha and she plans on continuing on her path to success as an up
and coming dancer, teacher, choreographer and entrepreneur.

Asha is focused and enthusiastic towards living her life as a dancer and instructor. Her determination and her commitment show in both her training and practice. She continuously looks forward to sharing her love of dance and the elements of hip hop with her students and can’t wait to see what each class will bring.