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Jasen is a community advocate that works to build positive urban-dance and Hip-hop culture in Calgary. He works towards instilling confidence in youth by utilizing dance and aims to push a scene of supportive, friendly, confident and hard working young artists. Jasen is one of the Co-founders of Culture Shock, a breakdancing/ open styles jam and youth arts showcase based in the North East; providing youth with a platform to enter into the Hip-hop scene and share their passions with their community. He also plans other art-centric events that empower the next generation of youth through engaging urban arts.

Jasen has also trained as a competitive dancer under Universesoul Dance for 4 years training in House, Hip-hop, and Urban dance (choreography). He is a man that is not only in love with cheeseburgers, but with dance and Hip-hop culture and despite already being an educator, is continuously developing his skill sets to be the best and knowledgeable dancer he can be.