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Leo took his first steps into the world of dance at age of eight with a Cuban group that was part of the house of culture in Havana called “Dew Drops.” At a very young age, Leo had an intense passion for dance and participated as a principal dancer in multiple choreographies.

At the age of thirteen, Leo was accepted as a student by two prestigious Cuban companies – Banra-rra and Narciso Medina. In 2003, he was accepted as a student at the National College of Art and Music Shows (ENAEM) after passing a rigorous examination of attitude and aptitude. During his stay in ENAEM, he was featured in events on a national level such as the “Danzandos” and was the recipient of the award for best choreography.

Leo’s career with ENAEM turned a then talented young dancer into a professional with extensive knowledge of traditional Cuban and international dances, including Afro-Cuban, Afro-Haitian, ballet and contemporary dance such as Mambo, Cha Cha Cha, Pilon, Mozambique, Rumba, Salsa, Son, Guaguanco, Columbia, Yambú, Spanish dance, and Tango.

For his brilliant work at ENAEM, Leo was awarded a diploma of distinguishment and hand- chosen by one of the most prestigious dance and musical companies of Cuba: Santiago Alfonso, whose principal was the director of the Tropicana. During Leo’s three years with Santiago Alfonso, he performed roles as a soloist and in group ballets at various national performances.

Before moving to Canada, Leo performed with DanzaCUBA where he was able to grow even further as a soloist and develop his skills as choreographer and dance teacher.

Leo started Cuban Movements Dance School in 2013 to share his passion and love of dance with the community.  Since 2013 Leo has traveled across Canada and internationally to participate and compete in Expo Latino, Salsa Congress Saskatoon, Salsa Congress Calgary, Winnipeg International Salsa Festival, Salsa Congress Vancouver, Salsa Congress Los Angeles, Salsa Congress Las Vegas and the World Latin Dance Cup in Miami.