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Alexa is a Calgary based dancer who fell in love with dancing at the age of 13. She has participated in many classes, workshops, and competitions, receiving numerous awards. She has traveled to New York City, Los Angeles, Australia, and Toronto to take certifications, master classes and meet some of her favorite dancers/instructors! Alexa has trained in jazz, ballet, tap, modern, acro, and of course her favorite, hip hop. She has taken her training to the next level and become certified in TOTAL Barre Fitness, Pilates, Rhythm Works Integrative Dance, and is currently working on her ADAPT certification!

Alexa has been teaching children for the past four years and has seen dance make a difference in all of their lives. She believes that no matter who you are or if there are restrictions that you may have everyone deserves the chance to dance! “Dance has no limits and when we all come together it is amazing what we can see happen!” Alexa provides a safe learning space and brings life to every class she teaches. She is always excited to see her students pushing past fears and limitations!