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Apple Sulit is a dancer, instructor, and choreographer. Growing up as a shy human, music and dance has always been her safe form of expression. The stars aligned when she participated in the after school hip hop program taught by her first teacher, Ashley Perez. With passion as the main driving force, she continued to pursue dance 15 years later. Giving some of the best milestones, memories and life lessons.

Apple’s career was raised by directing, choreographing, and dancing for UniverseSoul Dance. Competing for events such as Hip Hop Internationals, Hit The Floor, Release Dance Competition, Represent Dance, and Artists Emerge. Throughout her career, she has traveled and trained with a diverse range of choreographers from LA, Europe, Australia, and Canada. Apple values always being a student and finds joy in constantly learning and growing vocabulary. In more recent years, she continues to tap into her love for teaching and hitting the performance stage once again.

“What makes dance such a special art form to me is the connection. I have met so many amazing, beautiful people along the way. Whether it was for a moment or are now my besties, I’m grateful that I can relate to others in dance or everyday life. It has also made me feel connected to myself. Whenever I need to express a feeling or thought, I just turn on music and move!”